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Finance – Cindy to set up card acct for when directors need access to
funds/card info for approved projects/events/programs.
Public Outreach – Fuel reduction auto post for Fridays/Trail Tuesdays, looking for social media
person to handle this
Technology – set up twitter and insta for events
Events – potential event Fourth of July BBQ in Strawberry with silent auction as fund raiser for
fuel reduction, RC to investigate Duane Ridl doing food, if not seek out another provider
Option to give away registrations for ptr and fotr for vet tix – agreed that this is good publicity for
events and org. No vote needed
Roles we need to fill – Advisory committee roles – chair for sponsorship – intense for 2 to 3mths/
good communication skills/ability to work with technology/outgoing/develop and manage
sponsor , admin asst, –
Volunteer coordinator – develop and manage volunteers, good communication skills/ability to
work with technology/outgoing
Schedule volunteer informational meetings
Board have presentation on what volunteers they need for the volunteer ask
make a couple of flyers, put on website, on social media, big volunteer meeting for fuel reduction
and their events, maybe a Saturday afternoon,
Other notes:
get av equipment from Mike and Janet
FOTR ?’s – senior race, kids race, silent auction, dinner
PTR- having issues with busses and shirt, Scott working on it

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