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Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are in effect.

state parks grants are done through web grants complete
pre application
Can be unlocked and info added even after submission
state parks grants staff just administer
state parks board makes decision
az state committee on trails for non motorized trails
ask that we attend meetings on projects to answer questions
adot epg environmental protection group
shpo – state historic preservation office
National Park service – nps
2 to 4 weeks except for June 30th time frame
can submit reimbursements as often as needed, not all cash is needed up front
trail grants up to 150k
required match is 5.7% on each reimbursement claim
heritage trails fund max is 100k match is higher at 25% non motorized trails only
youth corp? look into this
state historic preservation grant for cerca
Non profit have to follow state procurement policies if we don’t have our own. Bids etc.
apply for grant for trail maps with mitigtion/restoration info, healthy watersheds
grant can be used to purchase land
trail maintenance program 10 to 50k possible for trail 15 machinery

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