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Helping Firewise our Community

NHN Program

The Neighbor Helping Neighbor Program is on hold until we get a new volunteer to run the program.

The PSFR Neighbor Helping Neighbor (NHN) program is here to support those in our community that are unable to Firewise their property.     These neighbors have physical and financial limitations that prohibits them from keeping their properties clear of excess vegetation.

The process starts with identifying NHN properties in need of Firewise work.   If you need help or know someone that does, please send an email to   The NHN coordinator will reach out to you for more details.

A Firewise assessment will be completed at the property to determine what Firewise work needs to be done to help make the property safe.  After the assessment is completed, a NHN event will be scheduled, and volunteers solicited to help Firewise the property.    The volunteers will take the cleared vegetation to the brush pit.

While NHN volunteers are not able to take down large trees or perform home repairs, they will clear all ladder fuels that create a fire risk to the home.    The objective of the NHN event is to help create a defendable zone around the home.

How can you help?   You can volunteer to participate in NHN events.  You can also donate to PSFR and indicate the donation is for Neighbors Helping Neighbor program.  All funds will be used to support this important program.

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