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Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are in effect.

Welcome to 2022 everyone! We have been hard at work behind the scenes 🙂

The Hardscrabble Mesa Mastication Project is underway near the Twin Buttes area.  Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction, with the help of our supporters’ donations, made a $50,000 financial investment to help finance this project through the Forest Service and other partners.  There are currently 4 masticators working. These machines grind densely growing juniper trees and other woody species down to ground level.

The entire project cost is $1,324,987.72 and will treat 1,197 acres on Hardscrabble Mesa.

This project will not only benefit multiple big game species and benefit the Fossil Creek and Hardscrabble Creek watersheds, it will also help serve as a fire break south and west of the communities of Strawberry and Pine. 

The past couple of years have not been kind to anyone. Non profits have struggled to raise funds as well. Even though we were well into the red for our fiscal year it remains critically important  to continue our work of reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfire with projects such as this and the upcoming Pine Creek Canyon.

Please help us keep this work going!

To help Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction fund more fuel breaks, including the upcoming Pine Creek Canyon project, please consider donating at

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