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Large Scale Vegetation Management

Climate change, catastrophic wildfire, bark beetle infestation, invasive species, record droughts, and other stressors threaten the health of our forest and watersheds, and the people that rely on them.

PSFR along with our public and private partners are working to facilitate restoration on our national forests and grasslands by re-establishing and maintaining grasslands and providing for sustainable recreation through trail building. Increase the rate of restoration despite these growing climate challenges by donating now.

William Dudley with the USFS explains the Deadman Mesa Mastication fuel break expansion project of 3,701 acres West of Strawberry AZ
Results of mechanical fuel treatment using mastication to thin overgrown forest at the Tonto Natural Bridge just South of Pine AZ

Successful vegetation management ensures that our National Forests are conserved, restored, and made more resilient to climate change while enhancing our water resources. A sustainably managed forest has environmental, social, and economic goals and benefits at their heart, something that ultimately serves all of our best’s interests.

Large scale vegetation management of our Forests benefits outdoor enthusiast activities too. Trails are maintained for walkers, runners, horse riders, and cyclists where they can get out and enjoy nature. For rural areas struggling to find economic opportunities, sustainable trails offer benefits for the local businesses through tourism. This mixture of social benefits and local commerce is at the central core of the concept of sustainably managed trail systems.

Small Scale Vegetation Management

Removing unwanted vegetation can enhance your overall property safety and value. Clearing away brush, ground cover, and weeds reduces the risk of slips, trips, falls, and unseen hazards. It also allows for clear visibility and movement, makes maintenance easier, and reduces available fuel while creating defensible space in case of a fire. Open tree stands of larger and healthier trees improve the scenic beauty of your property and expand the views of your surrounding landscape.

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