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Fire education programs have been instrumental in inspiring generations of children to prevent fire and to become more safety conscious. Smokey Bear taught us all to prevent forest fires and Sparky showed us how to stop, drop and roll.

The important fire safety message in Arizona today is how to make our homes safe from wildfire.  Simple steps can save both lives and property.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency funded Billy Brushwacker, a pilot program to bring to elementary schools defensible space education – what it is, why it’s important, and how to make it. It was developed by members of Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction.

Our program, geared for the third and fourth grades, provides a Teacher’s Activity Kit with a sample lesson plan that is designed to meet the Arizona Department of Education Standards for Science, a listing of additional teacher resources, and a Find the Fire Danger student worksheet that can be copied for student use.

To put the information on a practical level, Wildfire Home Safety Workbooks are provided for each student to take home.  The students can use this workbook to check the safety of their own home with the help of an adult.

Our Find the Fire Danger computer video game is a fun way to reinforce the concepts.

The initial worksheet serves as a pre-test for this material and the workbook, a post-test.

Teacher Activity Kit


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