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Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are in effect.

Cory list of written announcements
Potential coupon for racers and volunteers from the food trucks
ask another group to take on the spaghetti dinner portion
Refridgerator in the barn
rc to talk to by the bucket about staffing and catering in
come back to conclusion in 2 weeks
Cory to help in promotion
Elsa has joined fb groups
race listing sites
Shirt ideas
Platinum sponsors logo in one color on shirt, everyone else is listed
Volunteer shirts have psfr logo and sponsorship
Mock up t shirt designs with options
personal stops at phx shops
Rc to ask Cory how to become a qualify race
Cory what other weekend would you recommend
Set date, registration pricing 2nd week in January, load onto website, and open by end of February
contact mountain biking magazines, need a list and asking for ad rates
advertising parking better
ask trevor about how they handled insurance for bike transport
March 1st deadline for sponsors for shirts
Eliminate aid station fuller road and Brandts household
look at crossing 87
delete relay racers
research other races on registration
Finisher medals
accessible race – ability 360, high countyaccessibility
veterans race
senior race
patches – I rode the rim and the year
Trevor – what kind of medals would you want
change team race as fastest overall team
fun ride
Scott to do research on age grading
Giant thermometer

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