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Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are in effect.

Board Meeting
Called to order by Executive Director – Elsa Steffanson
All Board members present
Elsa Steffanson
Joan Backman
Cindy Jordan
Greg Zimmerman
Scott Kehl
RC Cristner
Mario Cristner
Finance –
turning in taxes this week, Payson tax services,
need process for reciepts scan to finance folder, Cindy will check and issue funds
need process for brush pit monies
Volunteers –
drop code of conduct into wufoo form
Saturday is AZ Trails Steward Conference
March 27th Google workspace learning session at the Cristners
Also scheduling with Payson group:
Public speaking 101
Fuels –
follow up for bio char
f/u for rebecca – micro donations
At Large – PTR
ptr – still looking for med personnel,
logo discussion – go with current design for this year and redo for next year
Get Scott on gmail and last pass, needs access to Sign up Genius
RC to talk to walgreens for water
Events –
July 3rd in Strawberry 11a start, food at noon, end at 2p, corn hole tournament, winner gets a gift
card, balloon toss with crochet balloons
50 extra tickets – what is limit and flexibility for Duane Ridl
follow up – prices for hand stamp vs wrist band
follow up – getting prices on new branded tent cover,
follow up – swag items,
cpr training is 50 a person, 10 people max, cert for 2 years, first or second saturday of every
month is a free class
Sponsors –
about us has sponsor page, hardware store has been an in kind donor, local business in kind
bring in bib for discount promotion from PTR and FOTR so sponsors don’t have to design
Technology –
Motion to set up voip with Nextiva 3 lines made by RC Cristner, Second by Scott Kehl, passed
unanimously. Elsa to set up
Motion to increase Wufoo upgrade to 40 a month service by Joan Backman, Greg Zimmerman
second, passed unanimously. Increase capacity for forms, 3 users and take payments through
the wufoo.
Motion by Cindy Jordan to appoint Executive Director as President and Finance Director as
Secretary for Federal Banking and Corporation Commission filing, additional signer on checking
account is Events Director – Raime (RC) Cristner. Second by Joan Backman. Motion passed
Meeting Adjourned
Respectfully Submitted,
Elsa Steffanson

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