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Pine Canyon Trail 26

Explore the length of Pine Canyon, from top of the RIm into Pine. Learn more about this trail below or explore the rest of the PS Trail system.
  • Dist One Way 8.48 miles
  • Time 3 h 24 min
  • Speed 2 mph
  • Min altitude 5,472 ft
  • Peak 6,316 ft
  • Climb 2,310 ft
  • Descent 3,005 ft
  • Distance Instructions

The Pine Canyon Trail begins on the top of the Rim at the Cinch Hook Trailhead. Turning off Hwy 87 at approximately milepost 280, you will pass through a gate and park.

The trail begins about one tenth of a mile from this point and runs around 8 miles to the Pine Trailhead.

The upper portion of the Pine Canyon Trail drops precipitously from the Mogollon Rim in a series of steep and technical switchbacks. If you are on a bicycle, the ride off the Rim is an expert level, triple black diamond, with no help for miles around and no quick exits.

Once one leaves the switchbacks, the grade relaxes and the trail gets progressively easier. The Pine Canyon Trail crosses Pine Creek approximately one mile north of the Bearfoot Bridge. If travelling by bicycle, one will find the trail from this point rideable to most intermediate riders all the way to the Pine Trailhead approximately 8 miles to the south. The trail includes some big climbs topping out at over 6200' before dropping down to the Pine Trailhead at just over 5400'.

This southern section of the Pine Canyon Trail has been reborn through reroutes and maintenance completed by the Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction trail volunteers. The Pine Trailhead has a restroom and plenty of paved parking.

Pine Canyon Trail 26 Photos

Photo Credits: Joan Backman, Scott Kehl, Alan Levine

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