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When will the entire course be marked and open for pre-ride?

There are two designated pre-ride weekends before the race which will be announced via email to all those who have registered and posted on our Event Details page in August after permissions from landowners are obtained.

Is there a way to pre-ride the course before the course is open?

You won’t be able to ride the short section on private land at the top of Strawberry Mountain, but you can ride the majority of the course by taking FR 428 past the 428A turn and straight to the intersection with Fossil Creek Road. Turn right and enter the community of Strawberry. When you come to Fuller Road take a right and continue down to where it intersects with Ralls, so that you are back on the race course. You can continue on Fuller and make the first right to head up the hill so that you can turn around at the gate and ride it down, or you can continue onto Ralls and ride the rest of the course.

Do you have a Feed Zone and how does it work?

You will find an extra bag in your swag bag; put what you need for the race course in it, mark it with your plate number and place in the box next to registration. Your bag will be trucked up to the first station for you. You will pass by there on each lap. Water is also available at all the aid stations. At the venue after the race there is a Hydration Station with sports drink and various fruits to help you to re-hydrate.

What do I get with my registration?

Registration includes a swag bag containing a t-shirt and pint glass plus various items from our sponsors, and your entry fee to participate in the race of your choice.

I would like to donate. How do I do that?

You can use the donation button on the top of this page, choose to donate during registration or you can mail a check to Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction PO Box 67 Pine AZ 85544.

What do I do if I need to make a change to my registration?

Contact Mangled Momentum at

If I can't ride in the race can I get a refund?

We are sorry, but our policy is no refunds.  However, deferral until next year and transfer to another rider is allowed.  If you would like to defer or transfer please contact Mangled Momentum at Note the fees you paid will help build and maintain the trails, so please utilize the trails when you are able.

Will breakfast or coffee be available for purchase early before the race?

We are currently working on signing up vendors.  Please check back later.

Where can I get info on the Kid’s Race?

Please see our kid’s race page.  On the day of the race go to the Kid’s Race booth between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM to register.

Where can we camp and is there a fee, registration or size limit?

We are currently working out the camping details.  Please check our Event Details page later.

What lodging is available?

We recommend Orloff Oasis, Spirit Rental & Gardens and the Strawberry Inn.  There are also many other cabin rentals in the Pine area.  Check and

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