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Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are in effect.

discussed options for the future of PSFR.
Option 1. Shut it down
Option 2. Split off trails and fuel reduction and have two different boards
Option 3. Switch to a board of directors spreading out the responsibility
Option 4. Hand everything off to the Payson group
Option 5. Combination of the above
Also of note: Brenda Darling handed in her resignation but no vote has been taken on it.
Also discussed
Mike willing to move resignation date.
Possible directorships
director of operations
Large projects
Other potential roles/Team Leads/Project managers
reba potential event organizer
brianna mangled momentum – fotr
sportsman alliance
mountain biking association
Also discussed Brush Pit Last day:
kmog has been notified last day
get social media post out about last day

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