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Pine/Strawberry Fuel Reduction Executive Session Meeting
Thursday January 17, 2021 via Zoom
9:00 – 10:00 am
Attendees: Mike Brandt, Janet Brandt, Brenda Darling, Joan Backman, Cindy Jordan, Elsa Steffanson.
Clearing project:
1,300 acres from Brush Pit to the landfill. The National Forest Foundation, Game & Fish and PSFR are included as partners. There are about 30 acres where Spotted Owls have been identified and the Forest service cannot clear from April to September because of the Forest Service rules (paperwork requirements which could not be completed in time for the clearing to occur). Therefore PSFRs private funds will be used to pay contractors to do the clearing. One check will be written directly to the private contractor and the remainder to the Forest Service. There will be no change in the total amount of $50,000 going towards this project from PSFR.
Open Board Position:
Job description to be put out there in the community. Jean Carpenter was put out there as a suggestion. Secretary Position is also needed. It was suggested that we put two positions out there and see what we get.
Notices will be put out on Social Media groups, PSFR FB page, Volunteer FB page, and PSFR Website. Elsa will draft a message for posting and take already written job descriptions.
Cindy will ask Scott Khel again to see if he is interested.
Pine Brush Pit:
Mike wants to reconsider removing Don Ennon from the Brush Pit. He is concerned that we don’t have a contingency plan.
Joan suggest that we retain Donn for a little while and obtain critical information
from him so that we can create a policy manual and job description.
Elsa suggests that we use it as a Board edification process. Elsa suggests that the
Board take a one month schedule as a trial run to gather all the information
needed. Elsa also suggested that we provide the Realtors with information to
provide clients about PSFR.
Brenda raised the concern about donations not making their way back to PSFR as
the main reason why the Board voted to remove Don from the Brush Pit. She also
reminded the group that we do not need a reason to remove or replace a
contractor. We can post for a new position but we do need a job description.
Janet suggests one of the Board members take responsibility for the Brush Pit.
Cindy suggested the Board take turns working the Brush pit for a few weeks.
Mike suggests we open the brush pit early, taking turns running the brush pit
without Don giving us a chance to obtain detailed information about what is
required. We can post on Social media as weather permitting and contact the
Payson Roundup. Mike will get the signs from Don.
Ask on Social Media how many people would be interested if the brush pit
opened early. Elsa will post.
Potential Brush Pit Tasks:
• Hours 8-4
• Put up sign
• Greet people and obtain information from them such as last name, zip
code; Hand out flyers, tell people where to back up to unload their green
• Call Payson Concrete to push the pile
• Call Payson Fire Department about grinding?
• Coordinate with PSFD on Burning the Pit
• Collect and turn in donations
Previous conversation regarding putting donations in an envelope with a tear off
Joan did some Envelope research:
• 500 envelopes for 11 cents each
• 27 and 38 cent envelopes also available
Elsa will create a sign-up sheet and each Board member will take 4 hour shifts on
the 4 Sundays.
Storage fee from Bishop Realty is $1 month. Mike would like to pay for the next
two years.
Submitted by
Brenda Darling
PSFR Secretary

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