Board of Directors Meeting July 25, 2018

July 25, 2018



President Mike Brandt called the meeting to order at 6:07 P.M. The meeting was held at the Pine Senior Center Dining Hall

Mike led the Pledge of Allegiance

MEMBERS PRESENT:       Mike Brandt (President), Melvin Palmer (Vice-President), Brenda Darling (Secretary), Nancy Hubbs (Treasurer), Janet Brandt



Nancy moved to approve the minutes of the June 27, 2018 meeting as presented. Janet seconded.

Motion Passed.



Ron and Katie Calderon resigned their positions on the BOD. We are grateful for their service and they will be missed. Katie will continue to volunteer on the Firewise Day event. We do not plan to replace these positions at this time.

A logging company in the Coconino National Forest is thinning the forest, are there plans to do so here? It is believed that this is part of the Four Forest Restoration Initiative of which the Tonto is one of the forest involved. For more information visit current efforts are focused on the Coconino forest. Mike used to know of a firewood company that would come out and cut down your dead beetle kill pine trees just for the firewood (no other cost). The person who did this work is no longer with us but Mike will see if the company still does this type of work and if so, share that contact information with this group.

Gila County is now fining people for not cleaning up their property. A property owner in Strawberry received a letter from Gila County giving them until a specific date to clean up their property or be fined. This usually requires receipt of a complaint. There is a Gila County Clean and Lean Ordinance and Enforcement process for help with getting property owners to clean up their lots. Gila County Ordinance 08-02, which addresses serious fire hazards, has been placed in the documents section of along with the complaint form and Rules of Procedure. Also the link where this information can be found is: Some neighbors have had success utilizing this process. Specifically when working with Jade Kauffman at the County. Her # is 928-474-7112.

Property Clearing Grants may be available through the state. PSFR will partner with the PSFD to write a 90/10 grant where the grant will cover 90% of the cost to clear property and the property owner would pay 10%. Janet will help the PSFD write the grant and PSFR will pay for the mass mailing to assess community interest.

There have been PSAs in the Payson Roundup about the local brush pit, called the “Mogollon Valley Pit Program” and it directs you to a website where you can make a donation which appears to go to the Blattner Pit. If people donate via this route, the money will go to the Blattner Pit. The Pine Pit is mentioned but it doesn’t say anything about donations for the Pine Pit. Is there a way for the Pine Pit to get donations in a similar fashion? PSFR will look into this.



Fuel Reduction

  • Beginning balance: $37,921.19
  • Deposits: $5120 (Gila County donation of $5,000 + AMEX $70 per month)
  • Expenses: $120.85 (trailer, liquor license, stage II signs, phone bill)
  • Ending balance: $42,920.34

Fire on the Rim

  • Beginning balance: $45,032.21
  • Deposits: $1414 (estate sale, FOTR table)
  • Expenses: $410.63 (fliers, trail run bus)
  • Ending balance: $46,035.58

Edward Jones

  • Total Portfolio Value: $58,164.71

Janet moved to accept Treasurer’s Report as presented. Mel seconded.

Motion Passed.


We receive money on a regular basis from AMEX. Nancy completed paperwork so that PSFR, as a non-profit, will continue to receive approximately $70 per month from American Express for the next 2 years.

Gila County donated $5,000 to PSFR for the brush pit.




Pine Brush Pit is open again and they were able to burn what had been collected.

Some remaining furniture from the yard sale was sold through the local Facebook site. $252 was added for a total of $3,118.


Fire on the Rim Mountain Bike Race

A volunteer meeting was just held and it was well attended. Do we have a certified child care specialist available? We are looking for someone to fill this role. If we are not able to fill the role then we will not be able to provide that service.

The trails and the Fuel Break

The Pine View Trail was not completed as originally thought due to the forest closure so we will continue to work on that trail. We are working with the County and their Master Plan meeting and trying to get everything in Northern Gila County organized and all under one umbrella. This is very positive for us in that they keep using PSFR as an example. We think they are going to work up here on their project so they can have a positive outcome.

Payson Food Truck Festival

PSFR is the charity that benefits from the Beer Garden at the Payson Food Truck Festival. In return we supply security. It entails giving out wrist bands, talking to people and making sure no one sneaks in without a wristband. It will be in Payson at Green Valley Park on Saturday August 4th from 11 am – 9 pm.


Wednesday August 29, 2018 at 6:00pm in the Pine Senior Dining Hall

Meetings are set for the last Wednesday of each month.



Nancy moved to adjourn. Janet seconded.

Motion Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Brenda Darling, P/SFR Secretary

Download 2018 July 25 Meeting Notes (PDF)

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