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AUGUST 31, 2016

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mike Brandt (President), Melvin Palmer (Vice-President), Jack Malloy (Secretary), Nancy Hubbs (Treasurer), Janet Brandt, Katie Calderon, Ron Calderon,


Ron moved to approve the minutes of the July 28, 2016 and August 11, 2016 meetings as presented. Mel seconded.
Motion Passed.

Nancy presented the Treasurer’s Report.

As of August 30, 2016- Fuel Reduction Account: Beginning Balance (8/1/16) $56,995.66, Deposits $373.00 (Insurance refund), Expenses $1,173.68 (phone, insurance, etc.), Ending Balance $56,194.98; High Yield Account $20, 887.92; Total Assets $77,085.90.

Fire on the Rim Account: Beginning Balance (8/1/16) $56,883.81, Deposits $5,485.00 (raffle, t-shirts, sponsors, vendors), Expenses $1,048.06 (signs, misc. race items), Ending Balance $61,320.75

Mel moved to accept Treasurer’s Report as presented. Katie seconded.
Motion Passed.

Nancy noted she received one letter asking for help in removing some fallen trees on a homeowner’s lot. Mike suggested Nancy send the letter to Mike Reichling at PSFD.


  • Fire-On-The-Rim Mt. Bike Race Update:
    • Katie reported everything is moving along. She thanked Mike and the others who have been working to get the venue and new camping area ready. Bike raffle ticket and t-shirt sales have sold over $7,000 to date.
    • Janet reported that after much searching for a better policy she found one that saved all of $30. She said this is what the race insurance is going to cost. She will add all of the additional insurers including this year Gila County. The County also asked this year for a traffic plan and next year all of the flaggers will need to be certified by passing a flaggers certification test.
    • Janet also said she will need a letter from Mel stating that the Sheriff’s Posse will be responsible for the flaggers this year.
    • Mike made a pitch for help weed whacking, etc. the venues anytime during the week. Janet also mentioned needing help with the trails. Jack will send an email blast to the P/SFR contact list for help.
    • There was additional discussion regarding the new camping area, bike race registration table t-shirts for the registered riders and someone needed to check-in the volunteers Saturday morning at 8 am.
    • Mike asked about the number of racers registered. Janet said on the website 149 have registered which is about normal at this time.
    • Ron had several questions. One regarding the plates and silverware donations. Nancy said Pine/Strawberry Take Pride is sponsoring 500 plates, napkins, cups, silverware for the spaghetti dinner all of which will be environmentally friendly. She also said Take Pride will be sponsoring the recycle bins for the dinner and race with cadets helping to remove the excess food from the dinner plates so the plates can be collected and taken to Phoenix for environmentally friendly disposal.
    • Ron asked about the number of gallon containers of water and power drinks he needed for the Safeway donation. It was decided 60 1-gallon water containers and whatever number of power drinks he wanted to sell at the P/SFR booth. Janet and Jack will help pick up the Safeway donation when it’s ready.


  • Kids Race: Mike said the course is still in the planning.
  • Brush Pit Update: Mike said the grant application for the air burner is progressing. He said he still needs to get conformation from the County as to their roll in partnering with the brush pit and air burner concept. He doesn’t want to go through the grant process and purchase of the air burner unless the County is all in on the concept. So he is still meeting with Supervisor Tommie Martin once a month to work out the details and the County’s commitment with the brush pits.
  • Signs: Mike said before P/SFR goes ahead with firewise road signs, we need to find out if they will fit into the new plan for Pine & Strawberry. He suggested looking into using the large billboard in Strawberry and getting a plaque for the Ramada.
  • Market Bags: Mike said someone needs to look into the idea of putting firewise information, like the survivable zones, on the bags that the Ponderosa market will use. Torrie Harding said she will look into a contact she has at Basha’s in Payson.
  • Pine Trailhead Broadcast Burn: Mike is working with the Forest Service to burn the grasses around the trailhead, like Mother Nature used to do, to show forest health through fire.
  • >Trail Project: Mike said he would like the Board to think about moving the Trail Project out of P/SFR and have another group take on the project if there is a receiving group that will take it. Because there is confusion between P/SFR’s Fuel Reduction effort and Trails Project effort, Mike thinks separating them would clear up misconceptions.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016; 6:00 P.M.; Pine Senior Dining Room;

Nancy moved to adjourn. Janet seconded.
Motion Passed.
Meeting adjourned at 6:50 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Jack Malloy, P/SFR Secretary

Download 2016 August 31 Meeting Notes (PDF)

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