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Oak Springs Trail 16

Oak Springs is a beautiful hike in the fall as many of the canyons are festooned with fire engine red maples. Learn more about this trail below or explore the rest of the PS Trail system.
  • Dist One Way 2.00 miles
  • Time 1 h 31 min
  • Speed 1 mph
  • Min altitude 5,203 ft
  • Peak 5,656 ft
  • Climb 702 ft
  • Descent 879 ft
  • Distance Instructions

The Oak Springs Trail leaves the Pine Trailhead at the southwest side of the parking lot.  You will pass through another of the Arizona Trail's beautiful iron gates before a short run takes you to Highway 87. 

After crossing the highway, continue on the Oak Springs Trail through another gate.  The trail meanders through some tall pines before intersecting with a Forest Service Road (FSR) 258, also known locally as Old County Road.

Signage will direct you along the FSR for just under a half mile, where you will encounter a steep rocky climb. If you are on a bike, riding beyond this point becomes challenging as you have many steep and rocky grades as you make your way to The Walnut Trail 251 and FSR 428 (Hardscrabble Mesa Road.)

Oak Springs Trail 16 Photos

Photo Credits: Alan Levine, Shillingsworth (AZT)

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