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Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are in effect.

Trail work on Tuesday. had a lot of help, was talking with Angie and Matt, some Hot Shots crews were hanging out. on Tuesday had 15 hot shots help out on trail. They cut through what would have taken us several months.
They may be able to help again next Tuesday. working on trail 15 reroute. We had been crawling by inches and they had chainsaws and other tools that we are not authorized to use.
Expecting fire restrictions to continue until consistent rainfall. The forest service has changed approval process to change fire restrictions. Claim is fire restrictions don’t really work. fires mostly caused by vehicles and lightning. Third cause is campfires, very hard to full closure now. That decision is now made in Washington.
telemeeting imba, nff and others – how we can better recruit volunteers, new sign at trailhead. If you like these trails volunteer today with qr code and flyer box. facebook pages for tonto hiking groups, camping groups, trail steward program, Brian from Wild AZ would like to have a table,
Welcome home party for the Brandts 21st and 22nd ?
Joan and Steve bought the excavator from Dave Dickinson, will donate use to Fuel Reduction, would love to have help with fuel and oil changes. Doing a special volunteer agreement with Forest Service to use on trails, trail maintenance and reroute work and trailheads. Can also use to move boulders.
Mark the trails for the race doesn’t typically happen until a week or two before the race. The Bradshaw Trailhead, the old landfill site. Shuttle for campers.
2 Payson hot shots crew
2 crews from Cleveland National Forest near San Diego
stunning, panoramic vistas,
feeds the soul
For the new trails map There is a magic that feeds the soul here, from the moment you step under the cool majestic ponderosa pine trees with the scent of the forest and pine needles filling the air, to the stunning panoramic vistas as you climb to higher elevations.
Tools, exercise and camaraderie are provided, great way to meet new folk.
Someday you can bring your family back and say you built this trail. Sense of accomplishment. Giving back to the community, trails are there in the event of a fire.
Healthy watershed and forest restoration,

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