Board of Directors Meeting July 2016

JULY 28, 2016

CALL TO ORDER: Vice President Mike Brandt called the meeting to order at 6:04 P.M.
The meeting was held at the Pine Senior Center Dining Room
Mike led the Pledge of Allegiance

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mike Brandt (Vice-President), Jack Malloy (Secretary), Nancy Hubbs (Treasurer), Janet Brandt, Katie Calderon, Ron Calderon,

MEMBERS ABSENT: Melvin Palmer (President),

Ron moved to approve the minutes of the June 29, 2016 meeting as presented. Nancy seconded.

Motion Passed.

Nancy presented the Treasurer’s Report.

For July there was a beginning balance for Fuel Reduction of $51,800.12; Deposits of $383.66; Expenses of $4,241.39; Ending balance of $47,942.39; High yield account of $20,887.42;

In the Fire On The Rim account beginning balance of $50,108.17; Deposits of $7,788.00; Expenses of $19,349.07; Ending balance of $38,746.47; Stocks $5,114.79

Janet moved to accept Treasurer’s Report as presented. Ron seconded.

Motion Passed.


  • Sales Update at Market: Katie reported that she has taken in $5,278 in bike raffle tickets and bike race t-shirts combined that included 35 t-shirts. She thanked those in attendance who have volunteered to help her with the sales on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Trails:
    • The Pine Canyon Trail (TR 26) has been rebuilt from behind Camp Lo Mia all the way up to Cinch Hook. Also rebuilt has been the section of the TR 26 from the Pine Trail Head to above Dripping Springs. There is another 4 miles from Dripping Springs to behind Camp Lo Mia left of which about a mile has been done. It’s very rugged in that section so it’s a very expensive rebuild with the hand crew costing around $5/foot. Mike is hoping they can get the machine into the last three miles which will bring the cost down to around $2.50/foot. Mike next reported on the Pine Strawberry Trail (TR 15) that is part of the Fire On The Rim Mt. Bike Race. It’s one of the most technical sections of the race course so the trail work will be to deal with two of the most risky areas of this section leaving the rest as is so it remains a challenge to the racers. At the Cool Pines area of this section there will be more rebuilding.
    • Mike said there are about 4-6 active volunteers that do the trail work on Saturdays. If anyone wants to join in, check the Fire On The Rim website,, and link Trails to find the schedule. A middle of the week trail work group is in the plans.
    • Janet reported that the RTP grant from Arizona State Parks for the Pine Trailhead Improvement that she applied for has been approved. Part of the grant will help pay for re-routing Trail 26. Another part will pay for an interpretive garden at the Pine Trailhead. The Kiosk that is now at the trail head explains forest health with pictures and is a great educational tool. The interpretive garden will go along with the kiosk and have a path through it with signs about the different plants in the area.
    • Mike said the RTP grant will also include some picnic tables and a handicap accessible trail.
      Janet said there is still lots of Forest Service red tape to deal with but expects work on the interpretive garden to begin in January, 2017. She added that the plan is to work with the University of Arizona Extension Program under the guidance of Chris Jones who teaches The Master Gardner at the Community College.


  • Jack made a pitch for buying and/or helping to sell Bike Race dinner tickets.
  • Janet said she is still the grant for the air burner ongoing and she if following up.
  • Ron recommended that we add the Casino to the FOTR website now as a race sponsor even though their Board will not be able to make a monetary decision until the end of August. There was no disagreement.
  • Mike a pitch for help working the grounds at the Bike Race venue.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016; 6:00 P.M.; Pine Senior Dining Room

Nancy moved to adjourn. Ron seconded.
Motion Passed.
Meeting adjourned at 7:25 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Jack Malloy, P/SFR Secretary

Download 2016 July 28 Meeting Notes (PDF)

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