PSFR has a history of active participation in wildfire prevention projects and activities including raising private sector funds to clear the fuel break which completely surrounds the communities, partnering with US Forest Service to seed that area with natural grasses, printing fire education materials for public dissemination, partnering with Gila County to construct a demonstration Ramada made of small diameter logs from the local forest, providing and installing Firewise signs around the community and building a mobile Firewise Education Trailer for public use.  A recently completed project was a successful fundraising to clear accumulated brush at the bottom of Arrowhead Canyon, leading directly up into Pine, which the US Forest Service partnered on.  PSFR is presently providing Firewise treatment at the mouth of Pine Creek Canyon, which has long been cited as one of the top fire dangers in the country.  Another current project is building trails in the fire break that can be used for maintenance to sustain the fire protection provided by the fuel break that is so vital to the entire Rim Country area. This project will also increase the value of the fuel break surrounding Pine and Strawberry by adding a recreational component that will help to keep the natural growth of vegetation to a minimum, making it more likely the USFS will make maintaining it a funding priority, thus increasing our protection from a potentially catastrophic wildfire.  Completion of this project will lead to sustainability of the fuel break and greater protection from wildfire for the Rim Country.

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