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Welcome to the 5th annual Pine Trail Run on May 4th, 2024! We look forward to your participation.


Thanks to local runner Cindy for these action shots on the route of the Pine Trail Run

Join us at the Pine Trailhead in the Tonto National Forest just off Highway 87 about a quarter mile south of Pine, Arizona (map). The 5K is a loop race that starts and finishes at the Pine Trailhead.  The 50k starts at the Pine Trailhead and the 10 mile race starts in Pine Canyon.  The 50K and 10 mile races finish at the Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction barn (3180 N. Old County Rd in Pine).



Participation in the Pine Trail Run 5K is open to runners at least 6 years old on May 4th, the 10 mile race is open to runners at least 10 years old on May 4th and the 50K is open to runners at least 12 years old on May 4th.  Each race has a runner limit of 100. Register to race now!

Portable restrooms are located at the finish line and parking area. A restroom will also be available at the 10 mile race starting line.  The 50K course will have portable restrooms at aid stations #1, #2 and #3.

No pets are allowed on the race course. Music is not allowed as passing requests from other runners need to be heard.


Getting to the Start Line

There is free parking for all runners, family and friends located off of Hwy 87, about a half mile south of the Pine Trailhead (.1 mile north of mile marker 266 – look for the event signs).

All runners are required to be transported to the starting area from the parking area via bus. There is a mandatory pre-race brief near the buses prior to boarding.

Shuttle Service

After the races start, there will be a free shuttle service between the parking area, Pine Trailhead and the barn.


New for 2024 is camping in the arena near the barn for the race weekend (4P Friday to 4P Sunday).  We only have 15 spaces available, so they are on a first-come first-served basis.  Reserve during registration while spaces are available.  We are offering a Christmas special of free camping in the arena if you register by 12/31/2023.  After that, arena camping will be $15 for the weekend if reserved by May 2, 2024 and $25 onsite May 3rd and 4th.  Note that you will need to drive to the parking area to take the shuttle bus to your starting line the morning of the race.  More info and rules.

Free camping is available in the Tonto National Forest adjacent to the parking area.  The turnoff to the parking area is to the west about 1/10 of a mile north of Hwy 87 mile post 266. It is not marked, so look for the dirt road. You are in the right area if you see a water bladder after crossing a cattle guard. Follow any of the dirt roads leaving the large open parking area to locate a camping spot.

Note that this is not an established campground. Portable restrooms will be placed in the parking area Friday afternoon for your use. Be sure to check the Pine-Strawberry Fire Department for fire restrictions prior to your arrival.




Wildfire Community Preparedness Day/Dinner

In addition to the Pine Trail Run, we are supporting the national Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, which is also the first Saturday in May.  We will have silent auctions, wildfire educational information, a community dinner and other activities at the Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction barn (3180 N. Old County Rd in Pine), which is where the 10 mile and 50K races finish.  The community dinner will be Friday, May 3rd from 4:00PM until 6:00PM.  Normal price for the community dinner will be $12 in advance or $15 at the door.  However, all 50K runners will receive a dinner voucher which can be used for the Friday community dinner or at the food trucks ($15 max) on Saturday.  Also, runners in all races will have the option to purchase community dinner vouchers for themselves and friends during online registration only for $12.  The community diner will feature street tacos.



Age Grading

The Pine Trail Run calculates an age-graded time for all runners.  Age-Grading is a way of adjusting your running performance by taking into account your age and gender. We use the age factors from the 2020 Road Age Factors tables approved by the Masters Long Distance Running (MLDR) of USA Track & Field (USATF).  These tables are available at GitHub – AlanLyttonJones/Age-Grade-Tables: Tables for grading road-running performances based on gender and age.  Race times are multiplied by the age factor specific to the runner’s age resulting in age adjusted times.  For female runners, the age adjusted times are then multiplied by the gender factor to arrive at the age & gender graded time.  Examples:


Example for Female Runner

A 45 year old female runs the 10 mile course in 1:50:00, which is 6600 seconds.  Per the table the age factor is .9318, so  6600 x .9318 = 6150 seconds is the age-graded time.  Applying the gender factor, which is .8938 for the 20K, the final adjusted time is 6150 x .8938 = 5497 seconds, for an age & gender-graded time of 1:31:37.



Example for Male Runner

A 45 year old male runs the 10 mile course in 1:40:00, which is 6000 seconds.  Per the table the age factor is .9308, so  6000 x .9308 = 5585 seconds, or an age-graded time of 1:33:05.



  1. The 5K race uses the 6K road factors to approximate the effort of the 5K mile trail race and uses a gender factor of .8785.
  2. The 10 mile uses the 20K road factors to approximate the effort of the 10 mile trail race and uses a gender factor of .8938.
  3. The 50K race uses the 50K road factors and a gender factor of .9172.
  4. Note that the factors for the distances of 10 miles through the half marathon varies by less than .1%.
  5. The gender factor is calculated by dividing the fastest (world record) male time in the table by the fastest female time.  For the 10 mile race, the fastest male divided by the fastest female is 3298/3690 = .8938.


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