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lmtcb chris at biomass-
brush pit canopy waiting on Lawrence
check paypal for when paypals come in, try to schedule around deposits
donor box
oci event – rc to post schedule
trail work on 15 has been suspended due to inclement weather, ribbon cutting on the 23rd, need volunteers to man trailer, 10 to noon partners, noon to 2 or 3 for the public, borrowing our equipment
april 9th
convert trail steward doc from pdf to doc we can amend in root folder
get the brandt plaque ready in case they are here
Hardscrabble media event on March 24th or 25th
sponsorships start in March – we start in oct nov, our year starts on March 1st,
ask cindy for sponsors of the last year and when the sponsors came in,
brandon from forest service, station 2 is in a boundary have to move down one and third mile,
Mario – check on the topo maps in docs for 50 k
plug in for maps on website acct
motion to proceed with psfr rocks by Scott Kehl , 2nd by Joan Backman, passed
sponsorship split – reach out find out percentage of expenditures for trials vs fuel reduction. Post and ask for vote.
any limit on sponsorship?
why we need volunteers, our mission, how we achieve that, volunteer coordinator and public outreach, sponsorships, admin asst
key safe with combo hang in barn

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