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May 29, 2019


President Mike Brandt called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M. 

The meeting was held at the Pine Senior Center Dining Room

Janet led the Pledge of Allegiance

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Mike Brandt (President), Melvin Palmer (Vice-President), Brenda Darling (Secretary), Nancy Hubbs (Treasurer), Janet Brandt, Joan Backman, Elsa Steffanson



Janet moved to approve the minutes of the March 27, 2019 and April 9, 2019 meetings as presented. Joan seconded. Motion Passed.




We held an advisory meeting with our Edward Jones representative, Chris Walsh. PSFR is moving moderate amounts of money into CDs that mature at different times so that we can take advantage of the current interest rate of 2.3%.

Fuel Reduction

Beginning Balance: $38,053.95 (from statement)

Deposit: $3,201.09

Expenses: $6,501.26 (phone bill, Firewise Day, trailer items, brush pit)

Ending Balance: $34,753.78

Fire on the Rim

Beginning Balance: $23,833.81 (from statement)

Deposit: $6,005.65 (trail run, donations)

Expenses: $8,290.40 (trail run, FOTR shirts, RFT grant)

Ending Balance: $21,549.06

Edward Jones

Total portfolio $167,772

Fuel Reduction $54,965

Advisory Account $26,949

Trails $80,858

Melvin moved to accept Treasurer’s Report as presented. Janet seconded.

Motion Passed.


2018 taxes have been filed; we paid $500 to get the taxes done.

Thank you notes have been sent to residents who donated to PSFR.

Kimberly Brennen with Strawberry Realty gives PSFR 5% of her commission. We recently received a donation of $1,493.75. Her donation will go towards sponsorship for the FOTR Bike Race.

Mazatzal Casino donated $507.73. Rochel Tigner facilitated this donation.

It was recommended that PSFR acknowledge donors via the newspaper. Katie and Scott were asked to provide Mike with a list of agencies that supported the foot race and Firewise Day events.

CIRCA asked for and received a letter of support from PSFR as they are applying for a grant to help them pay for the maintenance of the grounds around the community Center and Ramada.


Pine Trail Run

There were a total of 155 registrations and 138 runners. For the 9 mile run there were 109 registered and 97 runners. For the 5K there were 46 registered and 41 runners. There were 62 men and 93 women. There was a 37% response rate to the post-race survey with 100% indicating their overall experience was good and they would recommend the race to others.

Scott would like to provide a presentation on PSFR for the runners to watch while waiting for their awards and eating breakfast.

The foot race expenses were $5,029.10; there were deposits of 7,594.72 for a profit of $2,565. The Mountain Village also made a little over $500.

Ed Furtaw presented a plan for a 50K foot race for 2020 for comments/approval. It would occur at the same time as the other two races.

Elsa made a motion that PSFR continue to explore the possibility of a 50K race for 2020. Nancy seconded. Motion Passed.

Firewise Day

Firewise date for 2020 is May 16th. Katie and Sara will not be participting the Firewise event next year. Sara will provide Nancy with her notebook of contacts along with the contact information for thank you notes. The anticipated expenses are $4,522.19. Deposits are at $4,553.36 for a profit of $31.17. There was over $800 in donations in the jars located throughout the venue.

Brush Pit

Don Ennen reported that the Blatner Pit was turning people away, accusing them of being commercial which is causing people to come to the Pine Brush Pit instead. There was a push at the Pit and the cost was $281. Has there been any increase in donations since we started handing out flyers? Too early to tell.

Trails in the Fuel Break

We hired Matt Roberts to provide GPS mapping on trail 15. We are looking into a trail building class as well.

We finished the reroute on the Good Enough Trail and are otherwise just working on maintenance of the trail system. The Forest Service is moving really slow. The Pine Trail Head project is slated to start soon to add interpretive trail/signs.

New trail maps are coming soon but they still need to be updated.

The Forest Service is doing some mastication of Junipers near the Tonto Bridge. They will leave the masticated trees for a year or so then do a prescribed burn. That area will be opened to cattle grazing. They are also doing mastication on the west side of Strawberry but this is strictly for a fuel break. They will burn it on a regular basis.

Fire on the Rim

The dates are September 13 & 14. The new shirts are now available and they are yellow. Committee meetings will start soon.

Silent auction donations are already coming in but we still need more donations.

Raffle tickets and T-shirts will be sold at the Ponderosa Market on the weekends.


There are 12 A Frame Fire Restriction Signs. As soon as we go into Fire Restrictions, the signs will be placed at major intersections throughout Pine and Strawberry.

A free Monsoon Training will be conducted June 1, 2019 at 6:00 pm in the Cultural Hall.

AZ Tax Credit – People have asked why donations cannot be used as a tax credit. PSFR doesn’t qualify because PSFR would have to spend at least 50% of its budget on services to AZ residents who receive temporary assistance for needy family benefits.


Chase Bank Signatures were obtained from PSFR Board members.

Nancy requested Quickbooks at $10/month to assist with all of the Treasurer duties. Melvin motioned to approve the request for Quickbooks at $10/month, Janet seconded. Motion Passed.

Firewise sign at the Ponderosa Market was done for us by the extension of ASU. Mel made the frame for it and Cindy from the Ponderosa Market gave us a great space for it. This came from Chris Jones

PSFR FB page –This will be used as an educational tool. There will be new posts each Wednesday. Mike and Janet Brandt were voted volunteers of the year.

There is a Forest Health Symposium on July 23, 2019- handouts were made available. This is being put on by the U of A cooperative Extension.

The Cultural Hall PA system needs to be replaced as the mics do not work well. Mel made a motion to spend up to $300 on a new remote/clip on microphone. Janet seconded. Motion Passed.

It was also recommended that we consider adding speakers in the Ramada and just outside the Ramada for future use as the bull horn is not effective for announcements.


Wednesday July 31, 2019.; Pine Senior Dining Room


Elsa moved to adjourn. Nancy seconded. Motion Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 6:27 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Brenda Darling, P/SFR Secretary

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