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July 31, 2019


President Mike Brandt called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M. 

The meeting was held at the Pine Senior Center Dining Room

Mike led the Pledge of Allegiance

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Mike Brandt (President), Melvin Palmer (Vice-President), Brenda Darling (Secretary), Nancy Hubbs (Treasurer), Janet Brandt, Elsa Steffanson



Janet moved to approve the minutes of the May 29, 2019 meeting as presented. Mel seconded.

Motion Passed.


Chief Morris addressed concerns with the unilateral decision by the USFS to close the Upper Springs Trail at Fossil Creek and encouraged attendees to share their opinion with the Tonto Forest Service. The USFS rescheduled the meeting to discuss the closure for August 15, 2019


Fuel Reduction

Beginning Balance: $34,549.34 (from statement)

Deposit: $862.00

Expenses: $4,150.25 (phone bill, insurance, trailer, brush pit)

Ending Balance: $31,261.09

Fire on the Rim

Beginning Balance: $21,762.17 (from statement)

Deposit: $3,780.00 (Ponderosa table, vendors, sponsors)

Expenses: $1,217.70 (trail run bus, permit, advertising)

Ending Balance: $24,324.47

Edward Jones

Total Portfolio Value: $163,387.65 (From June 28, 2019 statement)

Janet moved to accept Treasurer’s Report as presented. Brenda seconded.

Motion Passed.


Nancy moved that PSFR should donate $250 to CERCA because as an organization, PSFR uses the grounds, dining hall, cultural hall etc. for many of our events. Janet seconded.

Motion Passed.


Brush Pit –Pine Brush Pit has been very busy largely due to the Blattner Pit charging people to dump their brush.

Foot Race – Much discussion ensued surrounding the number of volunteers and aid stations needed for the 50 K race. The registration cost for the 50K will start at $80, go up to $90 and then $100 for late registrants.

Additional discussion ensued regarding the possibility of having our volunteers trained in wilderness first aid and liability insurance for medical personnel. Scott will research what the liability insurance covers and get back to the group. Having the necessary radio support was determined to be of utmost importance because this would allow us to call for help in the case of an emergency. Nancy motioned to approve moving forward with the 50K foot race on May 2, 2020. Brenda seconded

Motion Passed.

Trails in the Fuel Break

William Dudley with the USFS gave a presentation on the planned fuel break expansion West of Strawberry using the mastication process, similar to what has occurred in the Buckhead Mesa area South of Pine. The mastication process cost approximately $200-$400 per acre.

The Deadman Mesa Mastication Project is a multi-partnership project funded by the USFS, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation ($30-50,000 per year), Arizona Game and Fish Department ($100,000 per year for 5 years) and hopefully Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction. This is a three phase project. The first phase consisted of a 707 acre mastication process which was completed along the South side of Fossil Creek. The second phase consist of mastication over 3,000 acres in the same area on the North side of the Fossil Creek road. Phase three will consist of post treatment prescribed burning on that landscape 3-5 years after mastication.

Boom head masticators (large excavators) shred juniper and brush down to the forest floor which broadcasts and spreads it out. They use contractors to do the work (over a 1 year contract). They will grind alligator and shaggy bark juniper down to the root ball of the tree. Anything under 20 inches will be shredded. There will remain large groups of trees 150 ft. apart to provide shade for wildlife. Trees of various sizes will stay so we are not left with all the same class/size of trees remaining.

Mr. Dudley also addressed the Fuel Break that was done around the towns of Pine and Strawberry equivalent to approximately 3,000 acres. This is an ongoing project that will never go away. The USFS has spent over 1 million so far on this project. They are looking at using Masticators instead of chainsaws in the future because the manzanita and other brush grow back so quickly and are very rough on chainsaws. There are barriers such as getting access from private property and the terrain. The machines cannot be used with a slope over 45%. 12 feet of clearance will be needed to get the machines in place including the trucks that are used to maintain the machines.

In 2022 a timber project is planned north of Camp Lo Mia.


Verizon Phone Number – It will cost PSFR a one-time $20 fee to convert the current Verizon phone number to Google Voice or we could just drop it because there is no activity on it.

Brenda motioned that we drop the Verizon phone number, Nancy seconded. Motion Passed.

Payson Mudder Recap – In 2018 we made $399.60. In 2019 we made $388.20. This year we needed many more volunteers (8 volunteers for 3, four hour shifts) because of manning more entrance/exit points. PSFR only does this event for the liquor license for That Brewery so they can sell beer at the event.

Trail Maps still need to be re-done! Elsa and Joan will work on this.


New Pine Trail Run Website – Content on our existing Pine Trail Run website cannot be modified due to old programming. PSFR needs to be able to edit all of our websites. Janet negotiated with our Webmaster Allen to upgrade the existing site at a cost of $1,500.

Elsa motioned that we spend $1,500 on an upgrade to the Pine Trail Run website. Nancy seconded. Motion Passed.

PSFR Raffle table skirt says “Fire on the Rim” which is not a true description of what the donations go towards which is Trails Support. Mike suggests that we change the look and wording to “Support Trails” and under that list the foot race and bike race and PSFR with its Logo which support the trails. We also need foot race and bike race T-Shirts, hats, visors etc. out there every time we set up the raffle table to increase the chances of getting people to stop by and learn more about how they can help support our trails.

Nancy motioned that we make a new table skirt that includes Local Trails Support, the Pine Trail Run, FOTR bike race, and Fuel Reduction as our display piece not to exceed $500. Janet Seconded. Motion Passed

PSFR received the Forest Foundation Grant for $10,000 for the Interpretive Trail at the Pine Trail Head. We can begin working on the interpretive site beginning September 15, 2019.

The Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction Facebook page views are up 350%, our likes are up 400%, and our post reach is up 328%.


August 28, 2019 at 6:00 pm at the Pine Senior Dining Room


Janet moved to adjourn. Nancy seconded.

Motion Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Brenda Darling, P/SFR Secretary

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