We Are Featured in Forest Service Publications

This was some good news and coverage of PS/FR and our trail work from earlier this year. First was a mention of PS/FR in a briefing paper, as shared with us by an email from Meckenzie Helmandollar, Natural Resource Specialist in national office.

Pine-Strawberry Fuel Reduction, Inc. (and associated Web site) was recently featured in a briefing paper that was delivered to every Forest Service Regional Recreation Director in the country! Your project was cited as an example of a community coming together with the Forest Service to combine fuel reduction goals with recreation goals to benefit communities. Our hope is to share great examples like this group and the relationship with the local Forest Service unit and inspire others to create similar groups/efforts.

The paper’s topic was “Opportunities to integrate recreation with 5-year vegetation management plans”

The mention of PS/FR was under the “Recommendations for Five Year Plans” heading:

Engage recreation staff in the purpose and need, design and decision making phases of fire mitigation and forest management planning to reduce negative impacts of subsequent operations. This will facilitate integrated solution that create long term socio-economic, as well as ecological benefits. For instance, consider the R3 Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction projects (http://psfuelreduction.org/) model.

But wait, there is more! That’s a photo of Tonto National Forest on the cover of the February 2018 National Strategy for a Sustainable Trail System:

Inside the guide on page 3 in the section on Shared Stewardship are two photos of our project building the bridge across Pine Creek.

I’m proud of the work we did and also that two of my photos of our trail building volunteers were used in this national document.

This is some good press for us!

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