Please Do Not Pile Your Brush!

We’ve heard from the Fire Department that people are finding old news stories on our site about the free brush pickup programs from previous years, and piling brush in front of their properties.

As of May 2016 there is no longer a brush pickup program (see more information). Please do not leave piles at your curb, unless you are preparing to haul your own brush.

We regret not being able to sustain the program; it takes money and effort. Please continue to do your part to keep your property clear of brush, debris, and being part of Firewise. It helps us all.

If you have questions / comments please contact us.

2 thoughts on “Please Do Not Pile Your Brush!

  1. Your About page still contains information about the curbside brush pickup making it seem like its still going on. Here is what it says: “P/SFR also participated in the development of the initial brush pick-up program now run by the Pine-Strawberry Fire Department. This program is designed so that the average property owner can FireWise their property and not have to make many trips to the landfill. Cut brush is left beside the road in front of their property and the brush truck will pick it up during its route.”

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