Trail 15 Re-Route Work Day

A group of about 12 volunteers showed up at the Mowhawk Trailhead in Pine to work on some re-routes on Trail 15, the section just south of the junction with the Mowhawk Trail. This is part of the connector that riders in the Fire on the Rim race use who are doing more than one loop.

The middle part of Trail 15 offers grand views of the Rim and the town of Pine

We welcomed a few new volunteers from Pine as well as three students from NAU who worked hard and were driven to dig out a rather large rock in the middle of the trail.

Celebrating the extraction of a rather large rock. Go team!

Here are some more photos of our hard working trail builders:

We will return here in two weeks for another bit of cleanup on Trail 15. Join us Saturday April 29, 9am – 1pm at the Mohawk Drive entrance in Pine.

All photos by Alan Levine available from flickr

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