Preparing for the Bridge Across Pine Creek

More than a dozen local volunteers and Forest Service staff showed up Saturday, March 12 to build the footers for the new footbridge that will provide a crossing of Pine Creek north of Camp Lo Mia.

The work involved clearing trees and brush, digging out the 18 inch deep holes, installing forms, plus mixing and pouring the concrete. The team worked extra time to get the job done, and had some assist from four pizzas.

A few trees in the path of the bridge crossing had to be taken down.

The locations for the footers had been carefully surveyed and placed for a level crossing.

Footer locations on both sides of the creek

Footer locations on both sides of the creek

Then the holes were dug aimed to get at least 18 inches of space for the footers.

Digging out the holes

Digging out the holes

Some 68 bags of concrete mix, each weighing 80 pounds had been hauled out to the location earlier in the week. Half had to be hand carried across the creek to the other side.


This is how we make concrete without a mechanical mixer! The concrete is mixed with water in a tarp held by two volunteers, and poured into the hole:


Watch how it is done in this video. It’s a good workout!

Thanks to the pros at Blue Moon Construction for guiding the process.


With footings are done, all we need now is a bridge– this will take place in our next work outing.

Join us for our next work outing on March 26 when we will assemble the bridge. And if you are planning to ride the next Fire on the Rim Bike race you can get a registration discount if you have done trail work. Check out the trail work schedule.

Here are a few more photos from the work day.

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