Pine Creek Bridge Assembly

Two weeks after our last work day to set up the footings, on Saturday March 26 a large volunteer crew went out to the Bearfoot Trail’s crossing of Pine Creek (just north of Camp Lomia) to put the bridge in. This event was a long time coming, and we could not have had a better warm sunny day for this outing.

Getting the parts organized

Getting the parts organized

The sixty foot fiberglass bridge from E.T. Technonics came in a lot of parts, not to mention boxes and boxes of nuts, bolts, and washers.

Luckily we have Roland guiding us, he must have been studying the plans for weeks.

Safety Debriefing

By mid-day, we had the chords and the end struts in place…


For lunch we enjoyed Jim’s sloppy joes and beans plus many other dishes shared by volunteers.


Our typical trail work days are usually through mid-day, but given the scale of this project (and the excitement to see it built) more than half the crew continued working through the afternoon until almost sunset.


By the end of the day, the beams and rails were in place, and it really looks like a bridge. All of the hardware needs to be tightened, and the plans will be put into place. Then concrete ramps will be poured (we heard rumor that these will feature patterns of bear paws), and the connecting trails will be groomed.

The bridge is intended for hikers and bikers; the old crossing will be improved as a stock trail for horses.

Having seen all that it takes to assemble a trail bridge, we will never take them for granted. We appreciate everyone who came out for the bridge building, here is a photo of the All Day Work Crew:


We always welcome new volunteers! See the schedule for upcoming trail work days.

For some more live action, here is a video by Alan Levine with clips of the construction action

As well as a few more photos by Alan and Mike Brandt.

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  1. Thank you for your support of ET Techtonics / Creative Pultrusions, Inc. 🙂

    The installation team did a great job and enjoyed all the photos / video of the installation.

    Keep up the great work!

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