Information for the 2016 Pine/Strawberry Brush Pick-Up

Note! Don’t Pile Your Brush

As of May 2016 there is no longer a brush pickup program (see more information). Please do not leave piles at your curb, unless you are prepping to haul your own brush.

Old Program Information:

  • As needles fall and brush grows back, keeping our properties clear is extremely important for reducing community fire risk.
  • P/S Fuel Reduction’s objective is to keep the brush pick-up program in action so we can haul away the brush and needles that pose a serious community wildfire threat. In the past two years we picked up nearly  2,900,000 pounds of brush and needles.
  • To operate the brush pick-up program again this spring we need to raise $83,000. If we are unable to raise that amount, there will not be a brush pick-up in 2016, since we have no reserves to back us up this year.
  • We need your help to pay for this program, and even if you don’t use the service this year, your donation will help protect our community from the devastating impacts of catastrophic wildfire. We thank you for your generosity.
One of many homes that cleared their lots in 2015

One of many homes that cleared their lots in 2015

If we do not receive the necessary funding in time to proceed, your donation will be used to develop and implement alternate methods of assisting you to remove the brush from our communities and you will be updated. In the meantime,

Please, do not stack brush or bags on the roadside until you receive another mailer from us that the 2016 program has received the necessary funding to continue.

Your tax-deductible donation can be made by check payable to Pine/Strawberry Fuel Reduction, Inc. and mailed to:

P/S Fuel Reduction, Inc.
P.O. Box 67
Pine, AZ  85544

For additional donation options visit our website: (look to the sidebar for the donation options)

Questions? please call our hotline at 928-970-0713

10 thoughts on “Information for the 2016 Pine/Strawberry Brush Pick-Up

  1. I would be interested in the financial report from last year, and an itemized report how the committee came up with the $83,000 figure..

  2. Since there will be no brush pick-up this year there are avenues that can be used to assist in the brush pick-up. Money donated could be used in the form of a voucher for the landfill to drop off brush in their brush pit. It would take an effort to contact the landfill and set up a payment to them for a voucher which could be in the amount of $5 or $10 for the brush dump only. The voucher could be obtained at the fire department having the homeowner sign and receive the voucher . I have taken three loads to the landfill brush pit and the highest total I have paid is $7.00. The total amount used could be capped at whatever is deemed reasonable from the money received as donations with some kept in a reserve fund for future use.

    The real shame is that with the high dollar amount we pay in property taxes the county appears to have no desire to assist homeowners with this issue. If our representatives really wanted to help they could do a number of things to help like cutting the cost of the landfill brush pit, paying some money to continue the brush pick up, or having county employees pick up brush at properties of the elderly.

    • Who runs the burn pit on the weekends? Would they be open to opening it one day during the week in the pine area?

      • Hi Rob,
        The brush pit is run by the Regional Payson Area Project (RPAP) which operates as a branch of the Tonto Natural Resources Conservation District (TNRCD) and is funded by Gila County.
        Mike Brandt, P/SFR Board Vice-President, has been in conversations with our County Supervisor, Tommie Martin, to not only have the brush pit open during the week but enlarging it so it could handle more brush.
        If that ever comes to pass, we will be letting everyone here on our website and on our contact list know.

          • I don’t have that info at hand. If you search Gila County you’ll find their website and be able to get the contact information of all of the County Supervisors.

  3. We need advise on how to take brush to the burn pit. Are they to be bagged or loose. Is there anyone who can be hired to do this for those who do not have a trailer or hitch?

    • Hi Barbara,
      Brush can be bagged or loose but only green waste, no construction wood.


      Below is a list of contractors who will thin property. They may also haul off owner generated brush, needles, leaves and pinecone liter if you have no other way to get your thinning’s to the landfill or brush pit.

      Pine/Strawberry Fuel Reduction, Inc. makes no specific recommendations for FireWising contractors and are not liable for their work.
      Pine/Strawberry Fuel Reduction, Inc. recommends property owners be on site during lot thinning to help direct the work.
      It is always wise to use only contractors that are bonded, and insured. You should ask the contractor if they meet these requirements before hiring them.

      Armstrong Tree Service: 928-468-9494 or 928-978-3879
      Augustine Spurlock: 928-476-5912
      Bill Potter Yardwork: 928-951-1568
      Bob Lee & Sons: 928-474-4220 or 928-978-1282
      Clark Helmkamp: 928-476-5587 or 928-978-7100
      Daves’ Landscaping: Dave Jones: 928-978-6896(cell); 928-476-4956
      In & Out Landscape Maintenance: 928-970-0097
      Jim Greene: 480-369-5569
      Nick Yardwork: 480-669-9756
      Richard Sellers Yardwork: 520-483-4377
      Total Yard Clean-Up; Raul Ontiveros: 928-951-0201
      Tree Pro: 928-474-0102 or 888-474-0101

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