Protect Your Property From Wildfires CD

protect-fire-cd-coverA wildfire safety informational CD, Protect Your Property from Wildfires,  was developed in cooperation with the Pine Strawberry Fire District and distributed to residents and property owners through a mass mailing.  

This was accomplished by enlisting financial support from Arizona Public Service, State Farm Insurance, Gila County (with assistance from Supervisor Tommie Martin), Qwest Communications and the Pine Action Committee and with educational content from the US Forest Service, Arizona State Land Department, Arizona Fish and Game Department, the University of Arizona and others.  

This adult education CD could not have been created without a tremendous amount of community and inter agency cooperation.

The original wildfire prevention CDs that were produced to educate the property owners had been handed out until supplies were depleted.  Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction, Inc. had them reprinted to be distributed as an educational tool.

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    • Hi Greg,
      Don’t know the status of the program at this time, but you can check by calling the Pine-Strawberry Fire Department and ask for Captain Joel Brandt.

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