Billy Brushwhacker

Mike and Janet Brandt of Pine/Strawberry Fuel Reduction, Inc, working with a grant obtained through the Pine-Strawberry Fire Department, created the Billy Brushwacker program.

The program is intended to teach children in the 8-11 age group about Wildfire Prevention principles. Billy goats are useful in some communities working to reduce flammable vegetation by grazing and browsing. Thus, the goats are able to find food and the amount of wildland fuel available to burn is reduced by this activity.  The Billy Brushwacker program is designed to meet Arizona Department of Education Standards and can be used by teachers as part of the required curriculum for science in Arizona.

Billy Bushwhacker worksheet

Billy Bushwhacker worksheet

img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-226″ title=”billygame_cover” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/billygame_cover.jpg” alt=”” width=”190″ height=”190″ /> Fire education programs are fundamental in educating our children about fire prevention and how to become more safety conscious.  Making our communities safer from the threat of wildfire is an important fire safety message that requires changes in attitude and behavior.  Social Scientists tell us that it takes a generation to truly change behavior.  That’s why putting and keeping this information in the schools now is so important.

Available Materials

Since its initial development and implementation, P/SFR has funded the reprinting of Billy Brushwacker games and workbooks.

2 thoughts on “Billy Brushwhacker

  1. Janet and Mike, June 7, 2018
    I was wondering if you had some Billy Brushwacker supplies you could send the BLM Utah State Office that I could share with our Field Offices, while I’m on a detail here in Salt Lake City.
    David Peters (Jed)

  2. David, happy to do that. Use the contact us page on this website and send the name/address where you want it sent to along with the quantity. Good to hear from you!

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