Arrowhead Canyon Fuel Break

The Payson Ranger District has been working steadily to create and maintain fuel breaks in the area.  They recently partnered with Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction, Inc., to thin 77 untreated acres south of Pine.  When PSFR raised enough private sector funds from the community to complete approximately half of the project, the Payson Ranger District stepped in with funds to complete the entire project.

The following map shows the area that was successfully treated with this partnership:

The Arrowhead Canyon Fuel Break will help to mitigate the danger presented by the tremendous fuel load at the mouth of two canyons leading directly up into Pine.

…The resulting Arrowhead Canyon Fuel Break will prevent fires from roaring out of the steep canyon and straight into thickly forested Pine, rated as one of the most fire-menaced communities in the country.  PSFR and the Payson Ranger District fire specialists have an enviable history of partnership dating back to 2006 when PSFR raised funds to provide desperately needed maintenance on the 711-acre fuel break surrounding Pine and Strawberry,” said PSFR Project Manager Mike Brandt.
–Payson Roundup, March 20, 2012

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